About TinyCA

TinyCA is a simple graphical user interface written in Perl/Gtk to manage a small CA (Certification Authority).

TinyCA works as a frontend for openssl.


New maintainer

After a long pause in TinyCA's development (and the disapperance of its homepage) I have taken over maintainership of TinyCA. Thanks to Stephan Martin, the original author, for starting the project and writing this very useful tool.

In the future I intend to keep TinyCA up-to-date with respect to cryptographic standards and practices. Further aspects of maintenance include bug fixes, maintaining compatibility with new versions of OpenSSL, and minor improvements to the user interface. Other than that I consider TinyCA feature-complete. Of course patches are always welcome.



TinyCA is known to work with the following software backends:

Getting TinyCA

Release tarballs are signed with my OpenPGP key 0x81e773d5.